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Are you looking for great fun in our city? Visit the Vavelsky Krakow Karaoke Bar just today. Here you will find yourself in the middle of the music party every day. Do you like to listen, when other people sing and do you also like to perform in front of an audience? Are you a music lover? This is definitely a place for You!!

Karaoke Kraków

We are TOP ONE !!

If you’d like to try your hand at the microphone, we invite you to visit a place, where you can take this challenge. Right next to the Main Market Square (2-3 minutes away) in the Vavelsky Pub you will find a chambers full of fun and magic. Here, according to the words from polish song that “everyone can sing”, a place on the stage is waiting for everyone who decides to perform in front of the gathered audience. We are at the forefront of the best clubs organizing karaoke in Krakow. It was confirmed by the title of TOP1 Karaoke Bar Krakow by the international website of tourism TripAdvisor. First place on such an honorable list is not only thanks to our work, but above all because of the guests who perform on our stage.

Why are we so special? If you enter Karaoke Bar Krakow in the Google search engine, you will see many different places. However, only in our place, you will find a combination of a great atmosphere of the place and positive energy of people who visit us. We are available to you 7 days a week. Few clubs in the city can boast of it. On some days we start from 20.00 until late at night.  In the others little bit later, but only because we have many attractions for our guest that may precede the stage performances. What else can we offer? We have professional equipment and lots of great music in which you can easily find, with the help of our DJ, songs that interest you. It’s not everything. If you want, we can record your performance in both audio and video format, which you can then show off among your friends. We already have 5 best recordings that have taken place in our club so far. Maybe this can be the beginning of your stage career.

League for the best and “Rock My Mondays”

From 1th April we will start the Karaoke League in the Vavelsky pub. Participants who, with their voice, won the audience of the evening, will be able to take part in the contest between the best. At the end of the month, the winner of such a league will be rewarded with many interesting gifts. Who knows, maybe the winners of each months then will compete in some final event at the end of the year? As you can see, this is a chance to face other people in a peaceful fight of voices, but above all to have fun.

As I mentioned before, you can meet with us and have fun every day. Weekend is the best time to meet friends, go out together. Just today, remember for yourself that karaoke Krakow Friday or karaoke Krakow Saturday is a visit to Pub Vavelsky. However, if the party starts for you regardless of the day of the week, then even on Mondays, we invite you to the try your hand on our stage. This day will be arranged especially for heavy music lovers. They will be pleased on this day. “Rock My Mondays” is a every week event during where you can sing and listen to only the best songs from the hard rock genre, rock classics and legends, but also punk, ska or even heavy metal.

Rock My mondays - Vavelsky

Krakow Karaoke Bar – Have fun with us

Karaoke in Krakow is a great opportunity to show your vocal skills, meet new people and spend a great time with friends, family or colleagues. It may be just fun, but sometimes an innocent performance can turn into something much bigger.

So, if the thought of Karaoke Bar Krakow appears in your head, then only in the Vavelsky pub. For those, who want to feel the vibes of our place, we present great recordings with the unique performances of our guests. Maybe next time you will find your movie here!!! Enjoy yourselves!!!

Poniedziałek  – wtorek
od godziny 22:00

Środa – niedziela
od godziny 20:00

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