Events in second half o 2020 by DMC Poland at Mr. Vavelsky
Gołębia 6,

During the lock down most of the economy is stopped. This situation applies to both small and large enterprices. People are staying at home and business contacts are limited to online chatting, e – mails, and telephone calls.

However, no matter how it is lately, times will return to the correct mode soon. After  this period, people will need contact with others like never before. This also applies to contacts between employees working in one team, or between companies and their clients. The coming time seems to be an ideal moment to organize a company meeting or integration event.

MICE companies, and DMC’s are here just now to help You.

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Benefits of using DMC Poland

Company meetings and meetings with clients have its benefits, that were already proven by many different studies and articles. Cooperation with MICE industry used to give positive effect in both inside and outside of the company  for many years.

However, it seems that in these circumstances their value takes on a new meaning. After a period of prolonged limitation of people-to-people contact, meeting in an interesting place with people we haven’t seen for a long time seems even more valuable to rebuild our businesses . That is why companies should take into consideration organizing such events as soon as it will be possible.

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How to make it.

When it comes to start planning incentive meeting, there are several ways to do it. Best way to be sure about  complexity of companies plans is to trust to  commissioned  Travel agency/ or DMC.

When it comes to Poland in specific, DMC Poland agency can be surly helpful. It doesn’t matter if it would be a longer trip in a larger package or one organized evening with special party,  Poland have it all, and Polish Travel Agencies can deliver it to Your company. A wide offer and interesting, unusual ideas will definitely be appreciated by the participants of the trip or event.


When it comes to specific  ideas for meeting in Poland, there is a very wide selection of places, themes to be proposed. Wild nature, historic cities, but also ones modern and full of glare, sea& sand, mountains and forests. From north to south, Poland offers various attractions, with local folklore and specificity. You can find it all in ITS Poland DMC department . Friendly staff with tons of experience, and years in practice will assist You all the way to make your employee and clients happy.

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New times gives new opportunities, and it is good to be first that sees and uses it. Meetings will be a very desirable form of building relationships between people also in the field of business relations. Poland continuously grows as a desired place to visit, so why not try it soon. To make sure that every detail goes perfectly fine, use a helpful hand of travel agency.

They are for You, ready to go despite circumstances.