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Gołębia 6,

About Us

Welcome to Mr Vavelsky. You will find here a pub with live music and the only and unique attractions in the whole of Krakow - the skeleton of a real dragon. Where did he come from? Here is the whole story: ``Once upon a time, in the place called Cracow, there was a Dragon, which ravaged the city. No one knew how to get rid of the beast. But one day brave and clever Szewczyk Dratewka served him a stuffed artificial sheep, we can can it Explosive Sheep, which in combination with water from the Vistula finally destroyed the beast. The city gave Dratewka a great house on Gołębia Street, where he started to develop his alchemical passion. After a few years, he abandoned the shoemaking profession and started brewing drinks. His place was famous in the area for delicious spirits, beers and other drinks. Peoples of Cracow loved spending time in the Dratewka’s pub, they looked at him with admiration, as a dragon slayer and an excellent brewer and alchemist. He gained the nickname Mr Vavelsky``
Today in the basement, where he prepared his drinks, you can find the skeleton of the Dragon, which was defeated by the brave shoemaker. The specialty of the pub since the dawn of time are flaming shots, which celebrate the memory of the beast from Wawel, based on the traditional recipes from Mr Vavelsky’s book.